A Light From the Top of the Mountain

by sinyo͞o (Sinew)

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Heathen Harvest Review by Patrick Bertlein:

Sinyo͞o is a storyteller. A story of a journey into other worlds. A story of hardships, the arduous and often futile attempts at climbing the mountain. This Hero’s journey is our collective myth, a recognition that we will slip, again and again, and at times, the end of our journey seems so far away. The struggles we face from the uphill battle can be overwhelming, and as we slide back once again, imitating an archaic game of Chutes and Ladders, the top of the mountain seems like it is in another world. Yet, we will reach it, we will reach the top, and look out at the valleys below, and see the sun rise. In the glory of dawn we can put everything behind us, and be present in the moment.

The best music is a soundtrack to our lives, and with this album Sinew made no attempts to hide this. The story is from an individual who climbed the archetypal mountain, and is beckoning us all to join and witness the coming of the light. Ambient pieces fade into one another, creating a landscape from fragmented guitar textures and synths. Tracks are interlaced with repetitive minimal guitars over ethereal soundscapes. These songs dare to stumble, and recognize the pertinence of staying strong, of finding a rhythm as slow as it may be. The mountain seems to get bigger as the journey continues, the end further away. Songs drift into space, at times it seems they leave gravity behind. Traditional song writing is completely ignored, leaving room for an atmosphere that is less song and more experience.

To climb a mountain, one must have endurance and patience. These are two things Sinyo͞o has mastered, and it will take a listener who has practiced these arts to appreciate such a work. For those who have done meditation, you will know the feeling of thinking it is enough, and it is time to move on. Sinew pushes us past these points, insisting we stay just a little bit longer. These sounds have texture, taking form and caressing us with warmth. Gentle tremors force the mountain higher, shifting the earth once again. The rain comes with the song of a bird; voices from Elders speak truths forgotten. Waves of sound crash on ears and suddenly, we can see the peak. The experiential aspects of this music strain the listener to evolve. It is the type of thing that alters your mind like any kind of chemical. At the top of the mountain is a flute, and when you arrive you too can play your song that will be heard throughout the ages. Sinyo͞o found its song, go find yours.


released August 26, 2012



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Sinew (sinyo͞o) Pe Ell, Washington

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